Szilvia Zörgő

Qualitative research | Methodology

Welcome to my personal website! I am a cultural anthropologist by trade and have a PhD in mental health sciences. I am interested in qualitative research related to healthcare and have a penchant for methodology.

I have the pleasure of working with amazing people on inspiring projects; this website is a hub for current and past initiatives.

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Recent stuff

October 07, 2020: Our paper "A Systematic Review of Quantitative Ethnography Methods" has been accepted to the second International Conference on Quantitative Ethnography and is finally up! Read it here!

Quantitative Ethnography Webinar Series (June 2nd, 2020)

Visualizing patient decision-making processes regarding choice of therapy with Epistemic Network Analysis: A worked example of manual coding and segmentation
Factors underlying the use of non-conventional medicine and forgoing biomedical treatment among patients with cancer – Recommendations for doctor-patient communication

Team 7 analysis

We organized a week-long COVID Data Challenge for the Quantitative Ethnography community!

Check out the webpage for the event and the analyses the 93 people from 16 countries grouped into 17 teams came up with!